Tecmo group has a basic management concept to contribute to the realization of the bright, delightful and rich life of the people all over the world by proposing the original entertainment that is compounded of an excellent idea and a playful spirit from the customer - oriented point of view .
And, we will accelerate the reform to build up a firm status in the digital contents industry facing a turning point, and will try to make stable progress in the long run as a company, which can be trusted and expected by the customers and stockholders.
We will realize our basic concepts mentioned above with the basic policies as follows:
To provide high quality contents and services from the viewpoint of customers
We always make it a principle to provide contents and services from the viewpoint of the customer.
And we will aim at the company, which is favored by the customer with the excellent technology for the production of contents and the proposal ability to meet customer's needs.
To establish a business model to conform to the market change
We will challenge to make self -innovation and progress of creativity, establish a business model to conform to the market change and aim to be a leading company in the world by the technology and proposal ability.
A sound financial base taking the cash position in account
For building a firm financial structure not depending on the external debt, we will maintain and strengthen a solid financial ground to secure enough money in order to cope with timely investments in new business, the change of business strategy and the accurate countermeasure against the unanticipated situation.
The human resource development, which enhance the corporate value
We will develop human resources being creative and courageous to challenge. Also ,respecting the humanity of our staffs, we try to create an attractive workplace where all staffs can have a lively exchange of opinions.

Issues to be excuted
The digital contents industry has been changing drastically by the intensification of the global competition including business collaboration and mergers & acquisitions among different industries due to the rapid growth of communicative infrastructure and the diversification of the preferences of the customers.
In such a situation, we will convert our corporate structure into a flexible one that can properly respond to the change of the business environment and will perform tasks such as (1) the reform of management, (2) the reform of development system, and (3) the reform of personnel system in order to build a strong organization and a smooth management process system.
Based on the corporate structure and management process system, we try to offer constantly the entertainment having a point of view of " the customer creed " , and to be one of the best contents providers.